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Doggy Daycare FAQ’s

 NAH Boarding & Doggy Daycare

Are reservations required?

At Megan’s Northgate Animal Boarding, we pride ourselves on maintaining the ideal staff-to-dogs ratio for optimal safety and care. For this reason, we require reservations for daycare visits.

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What are your daycare hours?

Monday – Friday: 7:00 am – 6:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am – Noon
Sunday: 5pm – 7pm

What do my dogs do during daycare?  

Our daycare guests will enjoy ample opportunities to exercise and socialize with other dogs of similar size and age in a safe environment. They will also enjoy puzzle toys to help develop your pup’s budding problem–solving abilities and release some energy. Of course, we provide plenty of rest periods to keep dogs recharged and comfortable throughout the day.

What are your vaccination requirements?

Because the safety and wellbeing of our guests is so important to us, we require proof of current vaccination for rabies, distemper/parvo, and Bordetella. We also highly recommend all our guests be vaccinated for canine influenza.

Do you offer daycare packages?

We do! Dogs benefit most from daycare when they’re able to come multiple times a week. While your pet is boarded you can choose ½ play or full day play. You can also choose for your pet to attend doggy daycare every weekday while they are boarded or selected days. We also have a 10-day Full-Day package option that is available for $220 or a 10-day 1/2 day package for $150.

Is my dog eligible for doggy daycare?

Your dog must be spay/neuter (unless under the age of 6 months) and be current on required vaccines. Each dog needs to pass an evaluation process. We reserve the right to refuse enrollment to any dog at any time for any reason. Please be advised that our environment is not suited for every dog and safety is of the utmost importance. If we feel a dog will create an unsafe environment for themselves or anyone else based on any behavior we encounter, they will not be able to participate in our program.

What to expect during evaluation process?

The enrollment process starts with an enrollment questionnaire and then out team will evaluate each dog. We will assess their ability to interact with other dogs in a safe or appropriate manner. This process helps us determine whether your pet is a good fit for our Daycare program. The evaluations are scheduled during the boarding and the owner is not needed to be present. This process is complimentary and takes about 30 minutes.