Day Care

Benefits of Doggy Daycare at NAH Boarding & Doggy Daycare

Dog socialization is one factor in keeping them happy and healthy

At Megan’s Northgate Animal Boarding we appreciate that dog lifestyle parents are concerned about leaving their dogs at home during the day since they won’t get enough exercise, mental stimulation, and socialization. We’ve tailored our dog daycare activities to meet your dog’s natural needs for mental and physical engagement. Our daycare guests enjoy ample opportunities to exercise and socialize with other dogs of similar size and age in a safe environment that is always monitored by our trained and caring staff.

Here are just some of the benefits of dog daycare at Megan’s Northgate Animal Boarding:

  • Dogs that are actively exercised and engaged are happier and healthier overall
  • A safe and convenient way to encourage socialization and positive behaviors with other dogs
  • Promotes socialization skills not just with other dogs, but with people as well
  • Fitness, improved quality of life and extended life spans from regular exercise
  • Satisfies a dog’s inherently social nature by interacting with other dogs and our caring staff members
  • Gives dog parents peace of mind knowing their fur child is in a safe, fun place during the day

Because we carefully screen all daycare dogs, your dog will get to enjoy all the sights, sounds, smells and pleasure of being outdoors, off leash, that they crave without having to worry about unknown or poorly socialized dogs or irresponsible owners