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Cat Boarding in Idaho Falls

Cat Boarding

We are the perfect home away from home for your cat while you are away.

Dog boarding in Idaho Falls

Dog Boarding

Board your dog with us, knowing your dog is safe and sound and having fun while you are away. 

Pet Boarding in Idaho Falls


Affordable Boarding Facility in Idaho Falls. See our pricing below!



If you have any questions about boarding your pet at Megan’s Northgate Animal Boarding.

Cat Boarding extras

Multi cat Discount
up to 1 extra for discount: 1st cat $14.00 per day + 2nd cat $12.00 per day

Extra time out of kennel to roam in the cat room: $3.00 per day (15 minutes minimum but more time depending on how many cats) (only if cat is nice to other cats and can be put back in kennel with ease) (if more than 1 cat only $3.00 per day for both together)

Wand play with people: $2.00 per day (10 minute wand play)

Tuck in service: $2.00 per day (freshly warmed blanket and cuddles as long as permitted for 5 minutes before bedtime)

Cat ToeNail Trim: $10.00

Boarding Extras for dogs

Tuck in service: $3.00 per day (treat & tucked into a warmed blanket {no shredders})

Cuddle service: $4.00 per day (light brush & a treat on the couch in the barn) for about 10 minutes.

Extra 15 min play: $5.00ea. up to 2Xs per day

Daycare full day: $25.00 per day (2-hour class in the morning and afternoon)

Daycare ½ day: $18.00 per day (2-hour class either in the morning or afternoon)

Boarding + Daycare: $45.00

Boarding + ½ day Daycare: $35.00 per day

Park walk: $15.00 per day only in spring, summer & fall during decent weather (We walk your pup from our facility to the near by park we walk around the park and walk back)

Rent bed: $5.00 per stay

Worried pup lick mat: $3.00 per day (we put pureed fruit or canned pumpkin on a lick mat with whole frozen fruit or canned veggies for a nervous pup to lick off and take its mind off its nerves for a while)

Pampered package: $30.00 for basic bath, light brush and ToeNail Trim

ToeNail Trim with clippers: $15.00

Preferred Boarding Facility in Idaho Falls

We know that leaving your dog or cat in a safe and loving environment is important to you. It’s important to us, too. 

Your pet will have everything they need while boarding with us, including:

  • Safe and secure runs that are booked according to your pet’s size.
  • Separate cat and dog areas.
  • A complete schedule, from Rise ‘n’ Shine until Bed Time, that includes 3 potty breaks/3 short playtimes during the day. 
  • Numerous well-being checks from our veterinary team.
  • Extra items include baths, nail trims, express anal glands.
  • Our veterinarians can do your pet’s wellness exam, vaccines, dental cleaning while boarding with us too!

All pets boarding with us must be up to date on their core vaccines (proper documentation required):

Dogs:  Bordetella, DHPP and Rabies.

Cats:  FVRCP, FeLV, Rabies.

Flea/Tick Preventive:  Please give your pet their flea/tick preventative at least 48 hours before boarding.